Excellence and luxury with yacht rental in Dubai!

We all were very happy and excited when our father told us that next week we are going to visit Dubai. The news was bombastic for us. Due  to the excitement and shock we screamed loudly Dubai!

With the support and assistance of Al Wasl my dad made all arrangements and finally we were there exactly after one week. The first thing came in my mind while looking at Dubai was If there is a heaven in the world then it is here in Dubai and believe it or not it is not a myth or a theory that you would discover in stories or publications. It is something real that you have to come and encounter. It is something that represents a dream of  every eye while the structures of Dubai are representing the  glory and sustainability of this land that nothing is higher than these and these can fulfill your starvation for a fascinating watching encounter.

Rent a Luxurious Yacht in Dubai

Al Wasl has a plenty of quality services with the normal price range through which you can get the elegance of Dubai but one way that really is unique is Rent a Luxurious Yacht in Dubai. We never thought of Dubai but after getting there we were surprised and anxious too. I am not comfortable with water as such but with the kind and peaceful environment of yacht rental in Dubai washed away all my fears. It helped me to get back to my comfort level. On the board we experienced the same kindness that our touring company claimed that let our solutions and abilities talk for us. The yacht rental in Dubai took us to the historical  amazing sites and stunning seaside atmosphere was something that we really liked to catch in our cameras. Some of the popular sites that were involved in our journey are Burj-Al-Arab, Burj-Al-Khalifa, The Atlantis, Dubai Harbor, The Palm Jumeirah, etc. Dubai is known globally rich land in its lifestyle, which was represented by its people who are very kind and pleasant especially for immigrants. Yacht rental in Dubai is not just about sightseeing; it is also about beverages and meals that was presented us during the voyage to  add more fun and charm.

Yacht Charter Trips in Dubai

In Yacht Charter Trips in Dubai we were served a variety of dishes and we had the right to choose. There were Indian, Chinese and Western  dishes while all are  sizzling warm with refreshingly awesome cocktails and beverages that were provided to us at no expense. Bottles and sparkling wine fans who believe that a party is imperfect without them especially discover this yacht charter Dubai quite eye-catching because they also have cafes so that they can choose their preferred consume and liven it up the way they want. At our request the team of the yacht charter Dubai without any stress arranged a separate place in such a way that we can perform meals preparation and serving in our own. The yacht charter Dubai has the facility of Sheesha and smoking while its patio was very comfortable and relaxing. My mom did nothing during the whole journey but she just took enough sun bath while lying on the mattress. 

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Fishing in blue water with yacht!

Fishing in Dubai

Dubai the beautiful land with a variety of attractions appeal everyone to visit once in a life. Dubai is one of the ideal place for entertainment for many people. If one examine out the developments of this land, it will surely impress most of us. It is not just one of the greatest international places but in reality it is also one of the most frequented vacation place which gets an incredible number of guests every year from different areas around the globe. There are many other tourist companies working to facilitate visitors and Al Wasl is one of them which is considered the best service providers tourist company. Its aim is to provide a luxurious journey to all those who want to have a remarkable encounter in Dubai. Al Wasl will fill new and exciting colors of shade in your life with its versatile services.

Dubai has an addiction of making everything easy, completely amazing and fascinating in every possible way. Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai is one of the most well-known interests of a huge variety of individuals around the world that is easy in many conditions but Al Wasl with its outstanding assistance of fishing in Dubai has made this activity a completely new enjoyment and excitement. Out of all activities of enjoyment in Dubai fishing in Dubai is regarded to be one of the wealthy and gorgeous action. It is not only an activity but also one of the most successful and creating market around the globe.

Dubai is a town which offers the most excellent tendency of providing something uncommon from regular. The town happily provides the most excellent look with the help of some amazing infrastructures and the most wonderful scenery which are the living evidence of the actual human intellect and creativeness. The visitors of Dubai will be definitely satisfied to see these amazing infrastructures but also they will be satisfied to do some purchasing in Dubai as the huge purchasing centers of Dubai are not only welcoming but are also fascinating as some amazing good quality products can be easily purchased from there at a cost-effective price. To create the visit of Dubai most unforgettable and amazing, Al Wasl offers you to Hire a Luxurious Yacht in Dubai assistance to carry fishing in Dubai activity that will definitely get your heart.

Hire a Yacht in Dubai

Fishing in Dubai visit offers excitement to the visitors viewing Dubai. No question Dubai has one of the most excellent organic gifts but the more amazing factor is that Dubai has designed some really exciting and amazing ways to discover this organic value. One of such amazing value is the white seaside of Dubai. Dubai also offers some really amazing features and solutions have fun with these organic values and one such amazing assistance of Dubai is fishing in Dubai. Enjoying a water game near the seacoast of Dubai is one factor but to go in the sea and discover the real world of the sea and its useful value is another factor. Fishing in Dubai offer really amazing platform has fun with such an outstanding and sporting fun. Yacht Charter Dubai has all the features that can keep you relaxed as well as give you an excellent opportunity for doing some really excellent fishing to get your objective. The innovative and contemporary fishing vessels yacht charter Dubai also have housing bedrooms packed with all the things required to keep you in comfort if you are planning your journey for days together. 

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A voyage with yacht in Dubai!

Al Wasl a well known tourist company in Dubai working from the comfort of people and proving the luxurious journey to all those who are in Dubai. We offer exclusive services by keeping the safety and protection first priority of our guests. If you are in Dubai and get tired of the usual ways of entertainments like going our and eating in the same restaurants and are seeking something new an absolutely different encounter then why not try a dhow cruise dinner with us. We will make your journey as well as you desire to have.

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dhow Cruise is an absolutely different encounter in comparison to any cafe on the coast or within Dubai city. This is basically because of the truth that you are having your dinner on board a spectacular sailing boat on Dubai’s relaxing ocean. What creates the whole voyage so different as opposed to a regular cafe in the town, are the breathtaking scenes on the water at night. Views, which will surprise you and make one wonder about the magnificence of this wonderful city. As the dhow cruise Dubai advances, one gets a glance of all the spectacular attractions that have made Dubai a worldwide hotspot; placing Dubai on the worldwide journey map. One can also have a look at Sheikh Mohammed’s palace. The perspective of the ocean during the night is completely different from the  day. What contributes to the beauty of this ocean at night is the peacefulness of the great ocean and the vibrant hot city is going to shift into the melodious night because of cold  wind gusts. The relaxing Arabic songs and a worldwide food on-board will certainly take you to another world; providing you a memorable day along Dubai’s grand ocean.

Hire a Yacht in Dubai

Similarly our another choice for you to Hire a Luxurious Yacht which inspires you with its exclusive features and attractive services. It will provide you the perspective of day in the great ocean and you will be able to see the beautiful landscapes of surroundings. You will enjoy every moment of your voyage on the elegant boat along with soothing water and windy warm breezes that keeps you fresh throughout your journey. You do not need to be qualified with the sailing and boating as an expert and skilled staff will be there to welcome you and that will also provide the comfort of utmost level. With comfortable rooms, separate wash rooms, dinning area, sun bed on the main patio you will enjoy every minute of your stay.

You will view around Dubai sea, The Globe Isle, Burj Al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah. You can also have an opportunity to get pleasure of swimming and scuba diving in the ocean but only if you are an expert otherwise the strong water will wash you out. The expert divers as well as beginners can discover the marine ideal for this activity. The yacht rental in Dubai you will be provided a good and healthy meal as and when you need.

You can make your booking very easily, online or through direct telephone call we are always there to support and assist you.

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The unexplainable enjoyment!

If you are trapped in the awful routine then it is the right time for you to take a break with your buddies and family associates. Take a break and take a journey to Dubai! Dubai has got a lot to hold in tourism industry nowadays and for most of the visitors there is much more to enjoy and relax. One can engage himself/herself with the most loving and informative encounters especially arranged for the people. Visiting Dubai can be your best chance of life.  The best journey for your family members, for you, for your buddies and for your beloved!

Dhow Cruise Dubai

So let your soul to dive into the wonderful pleasure of Dhow Cruise Dubai. This can be your dream that comes real with the most loving dinner with your dearest on the shinny water and dhow cruise Dubai  with its pleasantly wonderful delicacies. The growing arms of moonlight and its heavenly radiation will definitely make you ignore all your depressions of life and brings  enthusiasm and serenity in your thoughts. When just studying this article could be so attractive to your soul, so then think about how soothing and wonderful the real encounter could be! You obviously never want to lose such moments and want them to be part of your life.

Be ready for the mysterious encounter of your lifetime with your dearest and family members. With the professional staff  the dhow cruise Dubai  provides the exclusive enjoyment of the night while you will be floating beside the water. With the wide range of dishes provided to you, you will be able to encounter some of the best delightful meals. So do not let these moments to get away from your hands! Besides being a soothing journey away from the hustles and bustles of the city and the madding crowd you have gone through an encounter of a lifetime that you will be willing to tell everyone.

Hire a Yacht in Dubai

As Dubai has a variety of entertainments, similarly Fishing in Dubai is another encounter that you could not skip while you are in Dubai. If you are excellent at fishing in Dubai and want to get engaged in the lengthy fishing visits then try to go for Hiring a Yacht and make sure that the Dubai is the ideal place with many  aspects. Its vast deep ocean will provide the best fishing points as well the good reputable companies are there to assist you in fulfilling your requirement of fishing in Dubai. One of the known company Al Wasl is also working since 2008 to bring the dream of fishing in Dubai into the reality. Visitors around the globe are taking benefits from its top quality services. From your arrival to your departure in every aspect of your stay assistance and facilitation will be provided to you by the skilled and experienced team and you will never feel that you are alone or on the strange land.  The customized solutions of Al Wasl will make your journey tremendous and unforgettable for the rest of your life. 

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Honeymoon on Dhow Cruise Dubai!

Al Wasl one of the best tourism company providing its great services to the people around the world. In its four years of experience providing several recreational activities like desert safari, dhow cruise, yacht charter, Dubai city tour, traveling arrangements, hotel bookings, rent a car and much more. All arrangements are organized with great care for the utmost  comfort of the visitors.

We both I and my wife went to Dubai soon after our marriage to celebrate our honeymoon there.  We arrived early in the morning and after taking rest we choose Dhow Cruise Dubai as it is the ideal choice for partners who wish to spend their honeymoon or wedding in Dubai. A superb floating boat, under the wonderful evening sky is the perfect setting for newly wed couples.


A dhow is an old style Arabic boat that was originally used by fishermen and gem divers at the beginning. They were also used for transporting products from Indian and African-American countries. Today, Dubai uses these charming little vessels to provide visitors with a wonderful loving vacation along the magical Dubai ocean. A dhow cruise Dubai is certainly one of the most loving ways of enjoyment from the wonderful city of Dubai. The starry evening sky, glimmering night and the magnificently designed dhow cruise Dubai created a loving environment that is not neglected easily. The group of singers on board performs wonderful songs that also contribute to the relaxing environment.  Music is another factor that boosts the feelings on a loving dinner. Moreover the amazing dance activities by unique tummy performers and enjoyment by masters of magic added the fun. The meals had a wide range of fresh and wonderful dishes. Traditional Arabic meals with fabulous dishes are all cooked by the experienced chefs on board. Visitors also had the choice of modifying the beverage selection in order to improve the evening’s feelings. Alcohol may also be made available upon demand. Guests also have the choice of arranging the dhow cruise Dubai for a unique event like weddings, celebrations and other events as well. It is also quite amazing to variety of business events and conferences.

Booking a dhow cruise Dubai is simpler than you think. Visitors have the choice to book in advance via internet or by getting in touch with Al Wasl in Dubai. I and my wife were very happy about having such a wonderful honeymoon in Dubai and we enjoyed every moment of our trip. That was the best trip of expressing our indepth love inner feelings and sentiments towards each other. We were so excited with this trip that we decided to view the day of this beautiful ocean. After having a discussion with our touring company we Hire a Yacht in Dubai for the next day. It was another fabulous experience of our honeymoon trip. Yacht charter Dubai provides us a wide range of recreational and amusement options on the white water. By availing the opportunity we did swim in the clean fresh water as our costumes are with us. On the patio there was a separate place for the sun bath, while sitting there and having a fresh juice was an excellent time of our life.   


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Sightseeing tours of Dubai!

Dubai owns a number of enjoyable places where one can spend the whole day and spend their fun full time with their fellows and campanions. One of the best place in Dubai is Desert safari where one can enjoy the dune bashing and a number of quality activities.

Dubai Desert Safari

The Dubai Desert Safari driver drops you off to our Dubai desert camp made with locally available resources and palm frond.  A traditional, warm Dubai style welcome awaits you there. Enjoy a lavish buffet dinner with everything which suits you to your mouth and health is there with the twinkling Dubai desert sky. You will be tickled by the belly dancer’s rhythmic steps to the notes of Arabian music. We are sure that it would be your first time but you wish to have it again because the joy and pleasure is not going to end here.

Actual, crazy fun begins as you go further into the Dubai desert safari. Whoop with pleasure, become a kid again as you wink and close your eyes, keep yourself below the knob on this generate for a lifetime. Then tang and just click a spectacular Dubai wasteland sundown from the crest of a dune with your photographic camera. Retire to your covering to the attractions and appears to be on the Dubai wasteland night under the cover of a thousand celebrities. Increase your enjoyment with the sun and the fragrance of the morning meal.

The most enjoyable aspect of the Dubai journey is the Dhow Cruise Dubai that takes you into the deep sea. You will enjoy the comfortable sitting on the deck along with many people who will be initially strange for you but with the passing time you all get familiar with each other and start talking and participating in each others activities. You will enjoy the delightful food with dishes from all  over the globe with the best local dishes prepared by the skilled cooks. The professional cooking experts make sure that your buffet lunch is hot and delightful with remarkable assistance and all you can eat and drink!

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Diving facility is available upon demand while you can do fishing if you want. While  you are seeking your capture you and  your boat fellows can celebrate this by singing songs of different nations and languages for more excitement and appreciation. Its cool and fresh water brings freshness and serenity into your mind. On the boat you can take group photos as well individually to capture the pleasant moments.

When your day is lastly done, you can then return for the long drive back to the resort with the comfort and protection.

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Let yourself to do fishing in Dubai!

I am the lover of fishing and for this passion I visited many places but did not ever think of Dubai. One of my friends suggested me to visit Dubai and you will one of the best fishing breed in the ocean of Dubai. I and a few of my friends planned our visit a year ago with the help of Al Wasl a touring company working from the last four years for the comfort and luxury of visitors. After reaching Dubai I realized that why I missed this place in spite of a vast ocean and plenty of seafood. Dubai provided me an awesome encounter by getting drive on yacht charter Dubai and the liveliest factor fishing in Dubai.

Fishing in Dubai

If you can imagine yourself in the center of the water in Dubai that is fresh and cool, then you should come to Dubai to create all your goals come real. Dubai is actually a place for the water gurus and even for the individuals who like to discover new locations in the lap of characteristics. Individuals of all ages can come and get engaged in different activities depending on the age groups and needs of the individuals. But there are two factors in Dubai which can be done and experienced by all the age groups and that are Fishing in Dubai and yacht charter Dubai.

You will experience a lucky day if you will get an opportunity to do Fishing in Dubai. You will be able to see and get seafood of various kinds. If you want to see big seafood then you will have to opt for strong sea fishing in Dubai. While you will do fishing, the employees on the other side will keep a look at the varying climatic circumstances and environment for your protection. You are assumed to keep in thoughts the guidelines and then act accordingly. If you are a student then you will be given primary information before you begin doing fishing in Dubai. You have to stick with them while other trainers will keep a distinct eye on you for your protection. If you are not sure that from where you have to make arrangements for fishing, then you can ask the team to guide you.

Yacht Charter Dubai

Apart from fishing in Dubai, Yacht Charter Dubai is similarly interesting and fascinating. The distinction between the both is, in yacht charter Dubai you can have a rest and spare some time to while fishing in Dubai is an awesome and dynamic action. In vessel, you will be able to see the beautiful locations of Dubai. It is very typical and cost-effective that it is used by almost all the guests and even citizens. There are different groups from which you have to select from.  But I suggest you Al Wasl because our experience with this company was appreciable. We did not face any problem because they made a luxurious journey for us while we were in Dubai. You will be provided with light stuff food material and drinks on the vessel. Along with that you can also appreciate dancing actions by the visitors on the yacht charter Dubai.

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Here is what you need to know in Dubai!

When you plan your family trip to Dubai, the first and major thing to do is to go for a desert safari trip. This is the best way to have fun with and appreciate an Arabian encounter. This trip gives you a chance to avail the amazing desert sundown scene,  drive on the  camel back, coloring your hands with henna and taste the Arabic Sheesha. This is one of the most popular trip offer to you by Al Wasl a well known touring company based in Dubai working 24 hours for your assistance and there are many other trips available for you.

Dubai Desert Safari

The morning Dubai Desert Safari contains sand snowboarding, quad bike driving and camel trips. If the time is available to you, make sure to take advantage of the instantaneously hiking adventure. Getting there is not a problem as the Al Wasl will arrange the whole trip for you and will pick you from your resort. The night desert safari Dubai trips are relatively more wonderful and interesting. This trip contains some of the best safari actions including camping in the desert.

The night in the Bedouin camping area is truly an exclusive encounter. On arrival, visitors are first presented to some fresh made Arabic coffee and delightful dates. There are many actions available for both children as well as adults. Dune whacking, camel driving and quad bike driving are some of the enjoyable  ways of discovering the wonderful desert scenery. There are a lot of possibilities to catch images of the desert creatures that are the source of enjoyment during your stay. While the women are busy in having the complex art of henna artwork, the men have the chance smoking some traditional shisha. There are also amazing live activities by exclusive tummy performers. The dinner includes magnificent food with a wide range of barbeque, soups, main-course and  sweets. This is exactly what you need to fulfill the hunger with healthy food after a thrilled night. The desert safari Dubai can be personalized to match your choices and Al Wasl  offers an extremely qualified and cost-effective rates for its desert safari Dubai clients.

Another interesting way of enjoyment in Dubai is Fishing on Yacht charter Dubai that could be skipped if you are in Dubai. Due to the number of opportunities for this activity Dubai is the place of attraction for the visitor around the globe. You can acquire the service of Yacht Rental In Dubai for Deep sea fishing, as it is an amazing way to discover the ocean around the beach shore. If you are in Dubai the powerful sea fishing in Dubai makes for a great day out with close relatives. But powerful sea sportfishing is not for everyone; kids can come on-board but will not be permitted to take control of the fishing rod. On the other hand all the necessary protective equipment will be offered. So you can be sure that you will be fishing under the guidance of experts. Once you hop into your chartered boat, the experts will give guidelines to everyone who is going to engage in fishing in Dubai.

Yacht Rental In Dubai

Fishing in Dubai journey is loaded with excitement which includes the tug of war between you and the prey you are about to fishing onto the outdoor patio.

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A great day out!

Dubai is a fantastic town but you have been here such a long time that you begin to think that you have seen it all and done it all. Yes, you have experienced the best foods at the best dining places, tried your arms at excessive activities and sensed on top around the globe at the Burj Khalifa but you need to get a crack from the big town lifestyle. To get returning to characteristics, far from the madding crowd!

Musandam Khasab

The Awesome Musandam is one of the most wonderful coastlines of Oman situated between the landmass Oman and United Arab Emirates. It is a peninsula with the sea of Oman and the strait of Oman almost around it. Musandam has some of the most varied geographies including serrated limestone hill variety of Hajar losing dizzily into the sea, emerald sea full of planktons assisting amazing sea life style and of course the other plants and exclusive creatures only can be found on Musandam Khasab.

Musandam Khasab is also known as due to its fjord that are established due to ongoing reducing of Hajar hill. The strong inlet of the fjords has a  variety of bottle nose whales, sea turtles and various kinds of colorful parrots. Musandam Khasab is like an aquarium introducing seafood of various shades, size and looks. Musandam is also a research of historical records and these records are still noticeable and considerable even nowadays.

There are two essential milestone locations of Musandam, namely, Musandam Khasab trip and Musandam Dibba trip. Khasab is the capital of Musandam and is very organic as lot of agriculture are grown here. It is also the biggest city and lifestyle development occur on the hills nearest to the sea. Both hill and sea support the society in Musandam like nowhere else.

Trip to Musandam Khasab and Musandam Dibba is exhilarating especially if one moves from Dubai/ Sharjah as there is a welcome comfort from all pervading sand hills to something eco-friendly and chilly with regards to Hajar hill variety and breathtaking shoreline. The Musandam Khasab journey requires you to some dramatic hills and increases variety of hills on the way that at many times you think that the automobile is not covering the distance and stuck in one place. The Musandam Dibba journey however is more about convenience of attaining there without any access and investing a complete day with characteristics.


The attractive appeal of Musandam Khasab draws a large number of visitors such as students of various educational institutions etc every season. A lot of close relatives members use Musandam Khasab as brief vacation place. The journey to Musandam Khasab is loved one for everyone. The complete day, from morning to night, is invested in being with characteristics in its most wonderful self. Since the Musandam Khasab and Musandam Dibba are relatively small cities, the option of excellent resorts is very restricted. The Fantastic Tulip Hotels run two resorts, one in Musandam Khasab and the other in Musandam Dibba. We provide best trip and offers for Musandam Dibba and Musandam Khasab.

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The living legend along Dubai sea!

We came to Dubai to enjoy my husband’s birthday. The idea behind this celebration was to make it remarkable and memorable in a different way.  We planned so many things but unfortunately we have very short time. Due to the shortage to timing we were depressed how to manage all things as we have to  do a lot of work. One of friend suggests us to take the services of Al Wasl then you do not need to get worried about anything. At that time we were not as much convinced but soon I realized that Al Wasl was the right choice. Al Wasl happily provide client needs for VIP treatment whether it is a birthday party, family or public get together or business celebration, Al Wasl as always shown itself as your associate to organize every possible arrangement to make your event unforgettable. We just informed the company what we want and everything was there accordingly.

Yacht Rental Dubai

Birthday party on the Yacht Rental Dubai was a charming life experience for me and especially for my husband. We both enjoyed this opportunity and relish these moments of our life together again. Our guests were happy too with this different style of celebration. Yacht Charter Dubai was fully decorated with balloons, colorful lights, flowers and sparkling paper. Everything was organized and systematic from start to end. A birthday cake was also there along with multi color candles. After having so much fun with friends and family we were presented a delicious dinner with many dishes on the main wood made patio. The cool breezes were blowing while we were having our dinner. Everyone one the patio was specially treated and they were honored with great care and love. After dinner a delighted green  tea was presented to us. With the happy end we ended this journey with so many memories in our heart.

Our next day was packed with the visit of wasteland and for this  we were picked up at 1:00 pm from our resort and the journey for Desert Safari Dubai started at 3 pm. However, instead of returning to Dubai at the same day, we remained the whole evening in the wasteland camping. The quiet and the spectacular lighting of the desert and its life can be experienced only through this opportunity. So just appreciate this haven and select your journey to Dubai with Al Wasl to get the different perspective of life. On top of the smooth Desert sand sleeping-bags and bedding offered us for relaxation in the evening. We were offered  a flavorful meal to meet our hunger along with fresh and cold juices and water to end our thirst. While having our food in a traditional Arab style we were enjoying  the belly and the Tanura dancing show. We liked the  Tanura dance show so much because of the clothes worn  by the dancer. It was a colorful dress with different style embroidery.

Desert Safari Dubai

In the morning a healthy breakfast was also offered us in the desert. We get our last drive on desert safari Dubai , before we return to Dubai. 

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