Outlooks of Dubai


Dubai always welcome it’s tourists to the grand shore, it has a moderate temperature so people come in winters but a large crowd you can see in summers as children get holidays so parents decide a family trip to Dubai. When you think about the it’s architecture then you will focus on itsinnovative development, and examples are its shopping malls, tall towers, business houses etc. the overall setup looks ultramodern but it still lies in the heart of desert. Dubai is full of adventurous parks, whenever you will read a review or will see a map you will see water amusement park. There is another park named as wild wadi that is the main attraction of children’s, there are play grounds, zoo and other places which you must have studied somewhere. It has three large islands, it states that your trip is incomplete if you didn’t visit this place.

As it is the capital of UAE, it is growing rapidly. This is the best place to start your career, it can improve your professionalism and you get opportunities to start a new life. You will experience the true fun of tourism when you enter this scintillatingcity. This is a modern city and people have their own living standards, people have interesting backgrounds, every type of person is living but there are a few who are still orthodox and are following their own rules. There are multiple Dubai packages; they accommodate you according to your requirements, offer you deluxe hotels to make your stay comfortable. With all the packages you will visit Desert Safari Dubai which is the most interesting place of this city, where you can enjoy your food of your choice. This is the best way to escalate the Arabian sand. Along with the camel riding, you will also experience the quad bikes. You will see a belly dance while having dinner and after that shisha is served which is the traditional theme of their culture.

Dubai is full of activities that you just see in books or internet, Overnight Desert Safari is just awesome, I decided to visit this place with my wife. My spouse booked the safari for overnight stay, we had our meal and then got ready for all the excitement and fun. This was the time to reveal the secrets of desert, when experienced sand dune bash on 4WD wheels which was truly amazing, I have no words to explain. It happened the same as I read about it, or you can say that it was out of the limits and more fun filled. After the bashing we were served Arabian coffee with dates, while I was starring camel. I took pictures of myself with the camel, my wife enjoyed the ride. I have tried shisha but when I tasted the flavors here, they were totally different.You must be thinking that it’s a sandy place how can we have coffee and stuff, this perception is wrong as the temperature goes down at night and you feel cozy. The place was so beautifully decorated that you can just think of it.

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  1. Dubai has evolved a lot since the last time vacationed there about ten years ago. It seems to be the luxury hot spot of the UAE. Is it? (And thanks for stopping by my blog. So kind of you…)–M.

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