Arabian nights at desert


Dubai offers many exciting excursions to their tourists so that they can enjoy and feel the real entertainment. The most heart touching trip is to spend night on desert. This city offers peacefulness and privacy when you get to the Al Maha desert resort and spa. You will enjoy the rolling sand dunes with a perfect environment that one would have thought. This resort is placed 225km towards the landscape and also it is handled by emirates group as it does not offer hospitality. The most inspiring thing is the landscapes that you experience while spending a night here. It has 42 suites and pools are available in for different categories. Each room consists of a kitchen, dining room, lounge, bath tub king sized, beds, mini bar, court yard and a private pool as well. You can even select presidential suite with antique furnishing, this is totally up to you and your budget.

This city is popular for shopping, eating and to visit attractive sightseeing beaches. The city comprises of traditional as well as modern culture. When you talk about Desert Safari Dubai then people may think that it must a barren land and a person should to this place in winters as summers are hot and is not an option but this perception is wrong because this desert is like more than a simple desert, it consists of dune bashing, camel riding, sand ski etc. also you will enjoy dinner at Bedouin camp along with the Arabian belly dance. These activities can sate your thirst for adventure. The camp is decorated with Persian carpets, low tables with fine cushions that can provide you comfort. You can relax and see the whole view comfortably, the atmosphere gets cold at night that gives you a cozy feeling. The night life at Dubai is marvelous, people can party for long. It claims that life expectancy at this city is high. Al Maha resort offers you wide activities like desert safaris, wildlife drives, horse riding, falconry, archery and much more. You will be able to see off site activities with their guide.

They have excellent chefs and immaculate menus by the experts, every dish that is prepared by them is from fresh ingredients and people prefer for dune dining because it gives you an Arabian touch as they decorate the area with Persian carpets and lanterns that makes the atmosphere beautiful. Desert Safari Dubai is just breath taking activity. Apart from these you can even go to the place ski Dubai, as soon you arrive you will see that the whole area is covered with snow which is made daily. You can enjoy the drive for like 20minutes with a speed of 180mph, it’s just brilliant. It has limitless options if you talk about food, you will be served Thai, continental, Lebanese, Indian, South America etc. people love to come and spend their vacation here as this city will make your dreams come true. Dubai is very neat, safe and secure especially for women’s, they can work freely, roam around in shopping malls. They allow them a liberal life unlike other countries that have no certain rules for such practices.

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