Come on a Safari with me

Now Emaar is unveiling a new mosque in Dubai of 15,000 square foot. The development has started and it will include the shopping malls as well as tallest malls and manmade structures. There will be a study room for reciting Holy Quran, there will be huge parking spaces for people and also a hall for women so that they can pray well. The architect of the mosque will be elegant and traditional.

Bur Dubai grand mosqueis an important and notable landmark place of praying, it has sand colored walls with wood shutters blended in a way that it consists of 45 small and 9 large domes with stained glass panels. This mosque was known for its size and beautiful design. This mosque has Persian style and considered as the main center of worship. It has traditional scenery of the traveling life of the Bedouins, it contains the replicas of Persian homes. Dubai was famous for fishing village and dhow building in earlier times but now it is famous for tourism and other activities. You will all experience this while having a city tour of this amazing city, you will also see tallest building of this city that is Burj al-Arab, which was the dream of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan.

The tower was constructed to be similar to the sail of a dhow in shape, In 1999 it became the world’s tallest hotel with the height of 321m, its construction took 6 years declaring the hotel a 7 star was a marketing technique which has no doubt worked like a charm, Not only is the hotel the icon for Dubai it also became the number one tourist destination. Although in reality it is officially categorized as a 5 star deluxe hotel. The service and the supreme luxury definitely make its claim to the extra two stars seem legitimate. Private chauffeurs with Rolls Royce’s and BMW 7s, private reception desk every floor, helicopter pad restaurant located is 200m above the sea level, with amazing view of the city. You will be able to see more old mosques in musandam dibba, this is place where you just get lost and feel the quietness. But if you want to enjoy the adventurous ride on the 4WD jeeps then go for Hatta Mountain Safari. It is full of thrill, fun and adventures.

Exquisite materials are used throughout the building. Although there is no official release about the cost of the hotel to Dubai but rumors have it that the return of investment could be as high as 100 years, Perhaps that’s why the Royal Suite costs $28000 per night. You will also be able to see old mosque in Fujairah as well named as Al-Bidyah mosque that is 580 years old. It was built from stones and terracotta colored mud along with the wooden door at the entrance. Now a days Ramadan is here, so people will go into these mosques for praying and will also recite Quran. Fasting makes us strong and boosts our strengths as well, you pray in this month to remove your sins. People come to these mosques daily to pray 5 times daily, in this way the mosque is fully decorated with lights. You can see such beautiful places if you are not interested in Desert Safari Dubai.


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