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Dubai is considered mini Europe now a days and there are so many ways through which you can enjoy and have fun at Dubai. Dubai is the best place for those who wants to escape from their busy routine life and busy schedule. Dubai has become a new hotshot in tourism. People from all over the world came to Dubai for the purpose to have this fun. They  enjoy its beautiful architecture, shop, enjoy amazing desert safari and dinner on a cruise as well as fishing on a Yacht Charter Dubai  underneath the neat and clean water of ocean. Its calm and quite deserts give feeling of peace and happiness.


You Can make your trip to Dubai most memorable as you will find so many things to do and see here. You wish to spend more time here and come back for vacations every summer with your family, friends and kids. Here you will also find the food of different variety and of different countries as well. In this article you will get knowledge about a desert safari in Dubai.

One can enjoy his/her trip to Dubai in many different ways, and Desert Safari Dubai  is considered one of the best fun loving and enjoyable activity in Dubai. Desert safari is one of the unique experiences that you should not miss at any cost if you are in Dubai. It is an experience that you will remember throughout your life.  It is very pleasant to see the sands in the Desert glowing when it is hit by the sunshine, whereas in the evening it has its own tremendous beauty. The sand of the sesert gets cool during evening time which persents a pleasant and mind blowing weather to visitors and cool breezes swift the moods of its lovers.

It would be a journey of your lifetime and you will never forget these marvelous moments throughout your life. Usually the safari ride lasts for 45 minutes and this roller coaster ride will make you feel as you are in a Disney land taking some awesome rides. The fun of travelling from Dubai to a huge deserted land can be breath taking. You would be amazed to see never ending dunes of sand across you. Dune is one of the major attractions during the Desert Safari.  Desert safari starts when you sit in a cruiser and travel the sand dunes up and down. As far as your eyes can see, you will visualize just brown and gary color sand. You cannot find any greenry and water around there.


Desert safari amuses its drivers at its utmost during the journey. Most of the people only come to Dubai to take the ride of desert cruise and enjoy the life of vast and spreaded desert.

During your trip you will come across well bred camels with their masters and scattered villages and you will also find the people of these villages. The blue sky will give you an appropriate backdrop for camping in the deserts. The place is compelling and you also get to see sun setting in the middle of the desert after that you are taken to camp where you enjoy drinks or a cup of tea. The weather is cool and you tend to forget yourself in beautiful and delicate Arabian music.

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