Golden Tulip of Dubai!

Khasab in Persia means “fertility”, which represents the town’s wealthy area with water, dates and fishes.

The Musandam Peninsula is the northern part  of the Oman sticking out into the Strait of Hormuz at the entry to the nearby Beach. The region,  is divided from the Oman by Ras al Khaimah and Fujairah. Musandam more or less starts where the hills increase from the flat lands of Ras al Khaimah. The hills have separated areas for hundreds of years. Seaside towns can be achieved only by vessel rather than by street. It has the inhabitants roughly 29,000 and is the main hub of Khasab. Fishing is the major business here for several years due to the huge storage of water.

Musandam Khasab

Due to its regional position and hilly landscape it was separated from the rest of Oman and the area designed at its own speed. Evaluated streets cut across the hills have now made it more accessible. The beauty of Musandam Khasab can best be researched by sea. Fjords, or khors, created by fragmented stone extending out into the sea and large overshadowing coves large above are amazingly shown in the water below.

Musandam Khasab has much to offer to the amazing guest. The solitude of the area and its rare inhabitants make for a “get-away-from-it-all” holiday. Dhow boat in shining, clear fjords brings a unique sense of serenity and relaxed atmosphere. Scuba snorkeling around the isles is pleasant. And for the history fanatic, the Peninsula’s many historical agreements, historical tombs and stone designs give memory of the past.

Musandam Dibba

Thinking of Musandam Khasab never stops us from thinking about Musandam Dibba as they both are interconnected with each other. As Musandam is better landscapes than Dibba and whales while Musandam Dibba has better snorkelling than Musandam Khasab and natural turtles and sharks of this place could not find in any other place.

Musandam Khasab will take a bit more time to get to and the dhow journey will be smaller, more slowly and more comfortable. Musandam Dibba won’t take as long to get to and the vessel journey will be more time. A speed boat can be a better option.

Musandam Dibba is the amazingly wonderful shoreline of Oman where Dibba is situated is one of the most well-known travel and leisure areas and a must on every vacationer schedule. The characteristics have been very sympathetic to Musandam Dibba, introducing it with an extreme hill variety of Hajjar, emerald organic red sea complete with exclusive sea lifestyle.

Musandam is also known as the Norwegian of the Eastern due to its fjords that are established due to ongoing reducing of Hajjar hill variety by the strait of Oman. The strong inlet of fjords presents the exclusive sea lifestyle such as whales, sea turtles and various kinds of parrots. Musandam is an outside seafood tank introducing seafood of various types.

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