Have you ever experienced the desert safari!

Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai is the innovator in providing enjoyment and fun during the visit to Dubai. When we a group of friends visited Dubai last year, we had availed the services of a certified company  Al Wasl dealing with the best expertise by making sure the best possible quality and protection of its  clients. The company is enthusiastic about each and everything of our assistance. The desert safari tours are what we are dedicated to because we believe this is one encounter we cannot skip when in Dubai. We had to choose more than one kind of encounters in the desert landscape, like fascinating dune whacking, tummy dance, or interesting trips that we just select and they arranged for us. The company has the option of  day, evening and night trips while we select the whole day trip with full package.

I and my friends had a lifetime encounter of Desert Safari Dubai through ‘Tour Dubai’ in the wasteland. The excitement of 4 X4 rim Landcruizar on the side of the dune is self encounter only. The driver with professional skills and charming attitude created our trip of desert excellent. The camel drive, Tannura and Tummy dancing and food, all have been never to ignore in a lifetime. Thanks to my buddies in Dubai, who did all the preparations for this occasion and inform us about the company.

Desert Safari Dubai

Despite the fact that we were tired but the overall encounter was a lot of fun. One got to drive in an automobile and go up and down the hills. The dinner and display of food as well as other arrangements afterwards was also a plus. During the desert safari Dubai  one gets to see what the place around Dubai seemed like especially the desert and its way of life. By looking at the vast desert we began to think that before this development how was the area and how Badoes are living in the wasteland where life seemed very difficult apparently.

This fascination has been analyzed thousands of times and we believe the fact with all of the compliment that it has obtained. Just a number of guidelines to keep in mind before starting the Desert Safari Dubai trip. Even though it is hot during the day, it can get cool in the evening. Carry a light coat for each person. Furthermore, it does not harm to take along some light food material like cookies, chips and juices etc. If you are visiting by some company, you can demand for some lower price. Wear long pants to protect your legs.  Carry your photographic camera and have a great time!

Desert Safari Dubai


After a little dune driving, we spend 30 minutes on a camel back and view the desert from the height and  did sand snow skiing. We enjoyed a lot of fun there and in spite of tiredness we participated in every activity with full energy and spirt because we do not want to lose any moment of our stay in the desert and probably we could not get the chance again. After experiencing so much fun  we took our way back to the resort. 

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