Hang out along the twisty roads!

Driving along a bumpy red high cliff, with strong canyons yawning below is not any other place, but this is the Musandam Peninsula of Oman, an Arab area of breathtaking ocean with rough mountains and ideal place for visitors. It takes just two hours from Dubai while the road is good but there are too many twists on its way.

Musandam Khasab

Separated from the relax of Oman by the United Arab Emirates, the hilly area sticks out like a ship’s prow into the strait of Hormuz, which hyperlinks the nearby beach and the beach of Oman. Development cranes and concrete industries give way to a sleek two-lane road holding the relaxed gulf ocean. The development of roads turned the little towns into wadis and valleys.

Musandam Khasab, a contemporary slot, is the peninsula’s biggest city and capital, with about 19,000 citizens. With three resorts, it’s also the nearest thing to a vacationer hub. The women of Musandam Khasab covered her head usually with a black scarf while men wear delicately stitched caps and work in the local town restaurants. In its restaurants you will get a delightful BBQ grill, sugary grape juice and tasty maqbous, a rice and beef bowl just like native Indian Biryani.

Musandam Dibba

Humpback whales can be easily identified in the aquamarine ocean of the fjord like coves. You can do swimming in this beautiful watery land to fulfill your heart full desire.

Now get Mussandam travel and leisure today! Musandam Dibba is another one the most awesome land situated along the coastline of Oman. Musandam Dibba is a very desired location because of its awesome area and grand landscapes. The beauty of this place is indeed awesome and a trip to this destination is truly beneficial.

You can also visit the Musandam Dibba during your journey to Dubai. The trip to Musandam Dibba can begin early in the daytime. Get into the vehicle and drive along the pleasant street. The trip starts and you can appreciate the beauty along the street. As you journey, you can complete by the Emirates of Sharjah (North), Umm Ras Al Khaimah and Al Qwian. You get to look at the sand hills, coastline and wonderful hills on your way. These hills are made of calcium mineral stone and its beauty is awesome as you notice in awe the different architectural beauty it has been all-year-round.

You can visit the market and shop to your heart’s content as all the cheap products available. The street side shops are successfully eye-catching with its choice of items and clean fruit and clean vegetables. The industry is popular for its floor carpets, clay-based flower vases and clean fruits. After having a light daytime food you can continue your journey around the land. Once you reach Masafi optimum or will you get this uncommon opportunity to perspective the river and take pictures in the returning fall of the river. You discover and capture the awesome landscapes with your photographic digital camera. The hilly area can set you the emotions for the awesome encounter that is awaiting you. Finally you reach the Musandam process where you will discover traditional Omani dhows at the dock.

The trip would be an amazing one with all its splendors. 

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