Minimum time with maximum enjoyment!

Finally we touched Dubai after so much planning with the help of the ever best tourist company Al Wasl that made our trip enjoyable with its amazing services and efforts. We did not imagine such a remarkable experience. We are a group  of five friends informed the company about the span of our duration in Dubai along with our requirements while the rest of things were planned by them and we had nothing to do with anything. We were just informed about our schedule and possible places to visit as we do not have plenty of time. So in minimum time we get maximum enjoyment.

 We suggest others that whenever they visit Dubai must experience the Dubai Desert Safari because it is  a must do activity in Dubai and if you are visiting Dubai for the satisfaction of your heart and peace of your mind or for business matter desert safari Dubai brighten you up. On the desert safari Dubai you will encounter fascinating drive on the Arabian desert sand hills and appreciate a great BBQ meal over a live tummy dancing in a desert camping just away the modern town of Dubai. The distance from the city life matters a lot for all of us. The serenity and calmness we achieved there could not be achieved in any part of the world. So it is wrong if we say that the desert is the ideal location to get the inner peace of mind and soul.

Dubai Desert Safari

We were picked up from our residence and our trip starts with the call of the desert hills. On the way we experienced the excitement of the fantastic hills and observe amazing opinions of the sundown during our desert safari trip. Up on attaining the camping in the desert, an Arabian welcome is waiting for each of us. We had  fun with the true Arabian atmosphere, at this top quality Bedouin camping area, with traditional floor sitting style like carpeting, cushions for extreme relaxed sitting and satisfaction. We also experienced the interesting camel drive. Then we warmed up in the relaxation camp tents set in the deserts by taking satisfaction in sips of the delightful Arabian tea or taste the flavorful shisha while cigarette smoking service is also available at the  camping. Had fun with the wonderful food dinner with a wide range of dishes. We were very happy and satisfied from this trip of desert safari Dubai.

As per schedule our next day was already planned and we visited Dubai Harbor where we started the journey of great ocean through Yacht Rental Dubai, an exclusive boat with a variety of unique features. The splendid luxuries one can  come across on this boat are basically amazing and it is one of the best that one can discover at all. Someone told me during my stay in Dubai that the yacht rental in Dubai is also used for several kinds of celebrations, meetings and events. After getting this information I wish to have any of my celebration over this durable boat with the amazing clean water. 

Yacht Rental Dubai

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