A great day out!

Dubai is a fantastic town but you have been here such a long time that you begin to think that you have seen it all and done it all. Yes, you have experienced the best foods at the best dining places, tried your arms at excessive activities and sensed on top around the globe at the Burj Khalifa but you need to get a crack from the big town lifestyle. To get returning to characteristics, far from the madding crowd!

Musandam Khasab

The Awesome Musandam is one of the most wonderful coastlines of Oman situated between the landmass Oman and United Arab Emirates. It is a peninsula with the sea of Oman and the strait of Oman almost around it. Musandam has some of the most varied geographies including serrated limestone hill variety of Hajar losing dizzily into the sea, emerald sea full of planktons assisting amazing sea life style and of course the other plants and exclusive creatures only can be found on Musandam Khasab.

Musandam Khasab is also known as due to its fjord that are established due to ongoing reducing of Hajar hill. The strong inlet of the fjords has a  variety of bottle nose whales, sea turtles and various kinds of colorful parrots. Musandam Khasab is like an aquarium introducing seafood of various shades, size and looks. Musandam is also a research of historical records and these records are still noticeable and considerable even nowadays.

There are two essential milestone locations of Musandam, namely, Musandam Khasab trip and Musandam Dibba trip. Khasab is the capital of Musandam and is very organic as lot of agriculture are grown here. It is also the biggest city and lifestyle development occur on the hills nearest to the sea. Both hill and sea support the society in Musandam like nowhere else.

Trip to Musandam Khasab and Musandam Dibba is exhilarating especially if one moves from Dubai/ Sharjah as there is a welcome comfort from all pervading sand hills to something eco-friendly and chilly with regards to Hajar hill variety and breathtaking shoreline. The Musandam Khasab journey requires you to some dramatic hills and increases variety of hills on the way that at many times you think that the automobile is not covering the distance and stuck in one place. The Musandam Dibba journey however is more about convenience of attaining there without any access and investing a complete day with characteristics.


The attractive appeal of Musandam Khasab draws a large number of visitors such as students of various educational institutions etc every season. A lot of close relatives members use Musandam Khasab as brief vacation place. The journey to Musandam Khasab is loved one for everyone. The complete day, from morning to night, is invested in being with characteristics in its most wonderful self. Since the Musandam Khasab and Musandam Dibba are relatively small cities, the option of excellent resorts is very restricted. The Fantastic Tulip Hotels run two resorts, one in Musandam Khasab and the other in Musandam Dibba. We provide best trip and offers for Musandam Dibba and Musandam Khasab.

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