Sightseeing tours of Dubai!

Dubai owns a number of enjoyable places where one can spend the whole day and spend their fun full time with their fellows and campanions. One of the best place in Dubai is Desert safari where one can enjoy the dune bashing and a number of quality activities.

Dubai Desert Safari

The Dubai Desert Safari driver drops you off to our Dubai desert camp made with locally available resources and palm frond.  A traditional, warm Dubai style welcome awaits you there. Enjoy a lavish buffet dinner with everything which suits you to your mouth and health is there with the twinkling Dubai desert sky. You will be tickled by the belly dancer’s rhythmic steps to the notes of Arabian music. We are sure that it would be your first time but you wish to have it again because the joy and pleasure is not going to end here.

Actual, crazy fun begins as you go further into the Dubai desert safari. Whoop with pleasure, become a kid again as you wink and close your eyes, keep yourself below the knob on this generate for a lifetime. Then tang and just click a spectacular Dubai wasteland sundown from the crest of a dune with your photographic camera. Retire to your covering to the attractions and appears to be on the Dubai wasteland night under the cover of a thousand celebrities. Increase your enjoyment with the sun and the fragrance of the morning meal.

The most enjoyable aspect of the Dubai journey is the Dhow Cruise Dubai that takes you into the deep sea. You will enjoy the comfortable sitting on the deck along with many people who will be initially strange for you but with the passing time you all get familiar with each other and start talking and participating in each others activities. You will enjoy the delightful food with dishes from all  over the globe with the best local dishes prepared by the skilled cooks. The professional cooking experts make sure that your buffet lunch is hot and delightful with remarkable assistance and all you can eat and drink!

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Diving facility is available upon demand while you can do fishing if you want. While  you are seeking your capture you and  your boat fellows can celebrate this by singing songs of different nations and languages for more excitement and appreciation. Its cool and fresh water brings freshness and serenity into your mind. On the boat you can take group photos as well individually to capture the pleasant moments.

When your day is lastly done, you can then return for the long drive back to the resort with the comfort and protection.

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2 Responses to Sightseeing tours of Dubai!

  1. tara30aren07 says:

    Would love to make it there one day! Looks and sounds beautiful 🙂 -T

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