Honeymoon on Dhow Cruise Dubai!

Al Wasl one of the best tourism company providing its great services to the people around the world. In its four years of experience providing several recreational activities like desert safari, dhow cruise, yacht charter, Dubai city tour, traveling arrangements, hotel bookings, rent a car and much more. All arrangements are organized with great care for the utmost  comfort of the visitors.

We both I and my wife went to Dubai soon after our marriage to celebrate our honeymoon there.  We arrived early in the morning and after taking rest we choose Dhow Cruise Dubai as it is the ideal choice for partners who wish to spend their honeymoon or wedding in Dubai. A superb floating boat, under the wonderful evening sky is the perfect setting for newly wed couples.


A dhow is an old style Arabic boat that was originally used by fishermen and gem divers at the beginning. They were also used for transporting products from Indian and African-American countries. Today, Dubai uses these charming little vessels to provide visitors with a wonderful loving vacation along the magical Dubai ocean. A dhow cruise Dubai is certainly one of the most loving ways of enjoyment from the wonderful city of Dubai. The starry evening sky, glimmering night and the magnificently designed dhow cruise Dubai created a loving environment that is not neglected easily. The group of singers on board performs wonderful songs that also contribute to the relaxing environment.  Music is another factor that boosts the feelings on a loving dinner. Moreover the amazing dance activities by unique tummy performers and enjoyment by masters of magic added the fun. The meals had a wide range of fresh and wonderful dishes. Traditional Arabic meals with fabulous dishes are all cooked by the experienced chefs on board. Visitors also had the choice of modifying the beverage selection in order to improve the evening’s feelings. Alcohol may also be made available upon demand. Guests also have the choice of arranging the dhow cruise Dubai for a unique event like weddings, celebrations and other events as well. It is also quite amazing to variety of business events and conferences.

Booking a dhow cruise Dubai is simpler than you think. Visitors have the choice to book in advance via internet or by getting in touch with Al Wasl in Dubai. I and my wife were very happy about having such a wonderful honeymoon in Dubai and we enjoyed every moment of our trip. That was the best trip of expressing our indepth love inner feelings and sentiments towards each other. We were so excited with this trip that we decided to view the day of this beautiful ocean. After having a discussion with our touring company we Hire a Yacht in Dubai for the next day. It was another fabulous experience of our honeymoon trip. Yacht charter Dubai provides us a wide range of recreational and amusement options on the white water. By availing the opportunity we did swim in the clean fresh water as our costumes are with us. On the patio there was a separate place for the sun bath, while sitting there and having a fresh juice was an excellent time of our life.   


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