A voyage with yacht in Dubai!

Al Wasl a well known tourist company in Dubai working from the comfort of people and proving the luxurious journey to all those who are in Dubai. We offer exclusive services by keeping the safety and protection first priority of our guests. If you are in Dubai and get tired of the usual ways of entertainments like going our and eating in the same restaurants and are seeking something new an absolutely different encounter then why not try a dhow cruise dinner with us. We will make your journey as well as you desire to have.

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dhow Cruise is an absolutely different encounter in comparison to any cafe on the coast or within Dubai city. This is basically because of the truth that you are having your dinner on board a spectacular sailing boat on Dubai’s relaxing ocean. What creates the whole voyage so different as opposed to a regular cafe in the town, are the breathtaking scenes on the water at night. Views, which will surprise you and make one wonder about the magnificence of this wonderful city. As the dhow cruise Dubai advances, one gets a glance of all the spectacular attractions that have made Dubai a worldwide hotspot; placing Dubai on the worldwide journey map. One can also have a look at Sheikh Mohammed’s palace. The perspective of the ocean during the night is completely different from the  day. What contributes to the beauty of this ocean at night is the peacefulness of the great ocean and the vibrant hot city is going to shift into the melodious night because of cold  wind gusts. The relaxing Arabic songs and a worldwide food on-board will certainly take you to another world; providing you a memorable day along Dubai’s grand ocean.

Hire a Yacht in Dubai

Similarly our another choice for you to Hire a Luxurious Yacht which inspires you with its exclusive features and attractive services. It will provide you the perspective of day in the great ocean and you will be able to see the beautiful landscapes of surroundings. You will enjoy every moment of your voyage on the elegant boat along with soothing water and windy warm breezes that keeps you fresh throughout your journey. You do not need to be qualified with the sailing and boating as an expert and skilled staff will be there to welcome you and that will also provide the comfort of utmost level. With comfortable rooms, separate wash rooms, dinning area, sun bed on the main patio you will enjoy every minute of your stay.

You will view around Dubai sea, The Globe Isle, Burj Al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah. You can also have an opportunity to get pleasure of swimming and scuba diving in the ocean but only if you are an expert otherwise the strong water will wash you out. The expert divers as well as beginners can discover the marine ideal for this activity. The yacht rental in Dubai you will be provided a good and healthy meal as and when you need.

You can make your booking very easily, online or through direct telephone call we are always there to support and assist you.

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