Yacht fun with family!

We visited Dubai for some business matter and by taking it the good opportunity I decided to bring my family also with me. Because due to busy routine I hardly get any time for my family . We all need a chance to rest and be with our own self and with our family for some time if we wish to sustain our energy level and enjoy the life completely. The best way to do this is taking a while out and going on a holiday. But many times we made the wrong selection of the place as well as the touring company that ruined all of our journeys. We got frustrated rather than entertained. So I was little bit conscious and after the consultation of my colleagues I select Al Wasl a certified company working in the field of tourism for many years and satisfying the needs of visitors. After having its services I and my family were extremely happy and satisfied that at least we achieved what we want in a short span in Dubai stay.

Yacht Rental In Dubai

Upon our desire Al Wasl arranged a trip on the great ocean of Dubai through its amazing service Yacht Rental In Dubai. Because of its amazing features we enjoyed so much on the floating water with full shinning sun and fresh air. What does an individual wants his or her holiday spot is all there. We were moving quickly while the scenery shifts  around us and also increasing the entertainment and fun. The natural beauty of this ocean was so amazing and that is the reason to attract the attention of people. During our stay in Dubai we found that there is no end of enjoyment in Dubai the ultimate luxurious place with natural locations to visit, amazing purchasing locations and much more which can give more pleasure. In the wood made floor of the yacht rental in Dubai we took many photographs for our family album.

Yacht Charter Dubai

If you are still not pleased and still want something which is more amazing than Dubai has more to enjoy through an excellent service known as Yacht Charter Dubai. Seek the services of the vessel with the most amazing external overall look the elegant inner design such as the most relaxed rooms, dinning areas where the tasty food was provided and activity area to provide the entertainment of different style to its guests. Really I and family were surprised at the first glance but after some time we realized that so much surprised attitude is also not good some time. So we kept our mouth shut and start looking around the flowing water and beautiful buildings while our kids were playing on the deck.  Overall the environment was neat and clean while the fresh fragrant air made it more pleasant for  all of us. On the panel I and my wife start talking with the other boat fellows while our children were playing together. This view gave me a good feeling that at least our children are well manner and they know the ethical requirements.

Overall the trip offered to us was fabulous and let us get relaxed.

Yacht Rental Dubai

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Minimum time with maximum enjoyment!

Finally we touched Dubai after so much planning with the help of the ever best tourist company Al Wasl that made our trip enjoyable with its amazing services and efforts. We did not imagine such a remarkable experience. We are a group  of five friends informed the company about the span of our duration in Dubai along with our requirements while the rest of things were planned by them and we had nothing to do with anything. We were just informed about our schedule and possible places to visit as we do not have plenty of time. So in minimum time we get maximum enjoyment.

 We suggest others that whenever they visit Dubai must experience the Dubai Desert Safari because it is  a must do activity in Dubai and if you are visiting Dubai for the satisfaction of your heart and peace of your mind or for business matter desert safari Dubai brighten you up. On the desert safari Dubai you will encounter fascinating drive on the Arabian desert sand hills and appreciate a great BBQ meal over a live tummy dancing in a desert camping just away the modern town of Dubai. The distance from the city life matters a lot for all of us. The serenity and calmness we achieved there could not be achieved in any part of the world. So it is wrong if we say that the desert is the ideal location to get the inner peace of mind and soul.

Dubai Desert Safari

We were picked up from our residence and our trip starts with the call of the desert hills. On the way we experienced the excitement of the fantastic hills and observe amazing opinions of the sundown during our desert safari trip. Up on attaining the camping in the desert, an Arabian welcome is waiting for each of us. We had  fun with the true Arabian atmosphere, at this top quality Bedouin camping area, with traditional floor sitting style like carpeting, cushions for extreme relaxed sitting and satisfaction. We also experienced the interesting camel drive. Then we warmed up in the relaxation camp tents set in the deserts by taking satisfaction in sips of the delightful Arabian tea or taste the flavorful shisha while cigarette smoking service is also available at the  camping. Had fun with the wonderful food dinner with a wide range of dishes. We were very happy and satisfied from this trip of desert safari Dubai.

As per schedule our next day was already planned and we visited Dubai Harbor where we started the journey of great ocean through Yacht Rental Dubai, an exclusive boat with a variety of unique features. The splendid luxuries one can  come across on this boat are basically amazing and it is one of the best that one can discover at all. Someone told me during my stay in Dubai that the yacht rental in Dubai is also used for several kinds of celebrations, meetings and events. After getting this information I wish to have any of my celebration over this durable boat with the amazing clean water. 

Yacht Rental Dubai

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Hang out along the twisty roads!

Driving along a bumpy red high cliff, with strong canyons yawning below is not any other place, but this is the Musandam Peninsula of Oman, an Arab area of breathtaking ocean with rough mountains and ideal place for visitors. It takes just two hours from Dubai while the road is good but there are too many twists on its way.

Musandam Khasab

Separated from the relax of Oman by the United Arab Emirates, the hilly area sticks out like a ship’s prow into the strait of Hormuz, which hyperlinks the nearby beach and the beach of Oman. Development cranes and concrete industries give way to a sleek two-lane road holding the relaxed gulf ocean. The development of roads turned the little towns into wadis and valleys.

Musandam Khasab, a contemporary slot, is the peninsula’s biggest city and capital, with about 19,000 citizens. With three resorts, it’s also the nearest thing to a vacationer hub. The women of Musandam Khasab covered her head usually with a black scarf while men wear delicately stitched caps and work in the local town restaurants. In its restaurants you will get a delightful BBQ grill, sugary grape juice and tasty maqbous, a rice and beef bowl just like native Indian Biryani.

Musandam Dibba

Humpback whales can be easily identified in the aquamarine ocean of the fjord like coves. You can do swimming in this beautiful watery land to fulfill your heart full desire.

Now get Mussandam travel and leisure today! Musandam Dibba is another one the most awesome land situated along the coastline of Oman. Musandam Dibba is a very desired location because of its awesome area and grand landscapes. The beauty of this place is indeed awesome and a trip to this destination is truly beneficial.

You can also visit the Musandam Dibba during your journey to Dubai. The trip to Musandam Dibba can begin early in the daytime. Get into the vehicle and drive along the pleasant street. The trip starts and you can appreciate the beauty along the street. As you journey, you can complete by the Emirates of Sharjah (North), Umm Ras Al Khaimah and Al Qwian. You get to look at the sand hills, coastline and wonderful hills on your way. These hills are made of calcium mineral stone and its beauty is awesome as you notice in awe the different architectural beauty it has been all-year-round.

You can visit the market and shop to your heart’s content as all the cheap products available. The street side shops are successfully eye-catching with its choice of items and clean fruit and clean vegetables. The industry is popular for its floor carpets, clay-based flower vases and clean fruits. After having a light daytime food you can continue your journey around the land. Once you reach Masafi optimum or will you get this uncommon opportunity to perspective the river and take pictures in the returning fall of the river. You discover and capture the awesome landscapes with your photographic digital camera. The hilly area can set you the emotions for the awesome encounter that is awaiting you. Finally you reach the Musandam process where you will discover traditional Omani dhows at the dock.

The trip would be an amazing one with all its splendors. 

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Have you ever experienced the desert safari!

Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai is the innovator in providing enjoyment and fun during the visit to Dubai. When we a group of friends visited Dubai last year, we had availed the services of a certified company  Al Wasl dealing with the best expertise by making sure the best possible quality and protection of its  clients. The company is enthusiastic about each and everything of our assistance. The desert safari tours are what we are dedicated to because we believe this is one encounter we cannot skip when in Dubai. We had to choose more than one kind of encounters in the desert landscape, like fascinating dune whacking, tummy dance, or interesting trips that we just select and they arranged for us. The company has the option of  day, evening and night trips while we select the whole day trip with full package.

I and my friends had a lifetime encounter of Desert Safari Dubai through ‘Tour Dubai’ in the wasteland. The excitement of 4 X4 rim Landcruizar on the side of the dune is self encounter only. The driver with professional skills and charming attitude created our trip of desert excellent. The camel drive, Tannura and Tummy dancing and food, all have been never to ignore in a lifetime. Thanks to my buddies in Dubai, who did all the preparations for this occasion and inform us about the company.

Desert Safari Dubai

Despite the fact that we were tired but the overall encounter was a lot of fun. One got to drive in an automobile and go up and down the hills. The dinner and display of food as well as other arrangements afterwards was also a plus. During the desert safari Dubai  one gets to see what the place around Dubai seemed like especially the desert and its way of life. By looking at the vast desert we began to think that before this development how was the area and how Badoes are living in the wasteland where life seemed very difficult apparently.

This fascination has been analyzed thousands of times and we believe the fact with all of the compliment that it has obtained. Just a number of guidelines to keep in mind before starting the Desert Safari Dubai trip. Even though it is hot during the day, it can get cool in the evening. Carry a light coat for each person. Furthermore, it does not harm to take along some light food material like cookies, chips and juices etc. If you are visiting by some company, you can demand for some lower price. Wear long pants to protect your legs.  Carry your photographic camera and have a great time!

Desert Safari Dubai


After a little dune driving, we spend 30 minutes on a camel back and view the desert from the height and  did sand snow skiing. We enjoyed a lot of fun there and in spite of tiredness we participated in every activity with full energy and spirt because we do not want to lose any moment of our stay in the desert and probably we could not get the chance again. After experiencing so much fun  we took our way back to the resort. 

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Golden Tulip of Dubai!

Khasab in Persia means “fertility”, which represents the town’s wealthy area with water, dates and fishes.

The Musandam Peninsula is the northern part  of the Oman sticking out into the Strait of Hormuz at the entry to the nearby Beach. The region,  is divided from the Oman by Ras al Khaimah and Fujairah. Musandam more or less starts where the hills increase from the flat lands of Ras al Khaimah. The hills have separated areas for hundreds of years. Seaside towns can be achieved only by vessel rather than by street. It has the inhabitants roughly 29,000 and is the main hub of Khasab. Fishing is the major business here for several years due to the huge storage of water.

Musandam Khasab

Due to its regional position and hilly landscape it was separated from the rest of Oman and the area designed at its own speed. Evaluated streets cut across the hills have now made it more accessible. The beauty of Musandam Khasab can best be researched by sea. Fjords, or khors, created by fragmented stone extending out into the sea and large overshadowing coves large above are amazingly shown in the water below.

Musandam Khasab has much to offer to the amazing guest. The solitude of the area and its rare inhabitants make for a “get-away-from-it-all” holiday. Dhow boat in shining, clear fjords brings a unique sense of serenity and relaxed atmosphere. Scuba snorkeling around the isles is pleasant. And for the history fanatic, the Peninsula’s many historical agreements, historical tombs and stone designs give memory of the past.

Musandam Dibba

Thinking of Musandam Khasab never stops us from thinking about Musandam Dibba as they both are interconnected with each other. As Musandam is better landscapes than Dibba and whales while Musandam Dibba has better snorkelling than Musandam Khasab and natural turtles and sharks of this place could not find in any other place.

Musandam Khasab will take a bit more time to get to and the dhow journey will be smaller, more slowly and more comfortable. Musandam Dibba won’t take as long to get to and the vessel journey will be more time. A speed boat can be a better option.

Musandam Dibba is the amazingly wonderful shoreline of Oman where Dibba is situated is one of the most well-known travel and leisure areas and a must on every vacationer schedule. The characteristics have been very sympathetic to Musandam Dibba, introducing it with an extreme hill variety of Hajjar, emerald organic red sea complete with exclusive sea lifestyle.

Musandam is also known as the Norwegian of the Eastern due to its fjords that are established due to ongoing reducing of Hajjar hill variety by the strait of Oman. The strong inlet of fjords presents the exclusive sea lifestyle such as whales, sea turtles and various kinds of parrots. Musandam is an outside seafood tank introducing seafood of various types.

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Dubai See it! Feel it! Love it!

Prepare yourself for a drive on the ocean around Dubai. Enjoy breathtaking opinions on Dubai’s amazing beach front as you whizz along. This is an experience you will be informing everyone about returning home! With a perfect winter environment, world-class resorts, fantastic features for a variety of sports and enjoyable activities and excellent shopping centers, Dubai has something to provide everyone.


Dubai looks forward to pleasant you for pleasure or business and desires that you take some break have fun with some of the thrilling sea encounters we have to provide. Thrilling and shrieking excitement makes you so deeply involved that you forget everything around you. The creation of nature bound you and your buddies and do not let you to drag out.

Appreciate yourself to the maximum with our innovative line of veins Yacht Rental Dubai that come with many significant services and outstanding styles such as huge rooms which have a high potential multitude of your visitors. Some of the outlines of yacht rental Dubai include; large rooms, huge patios, Jacuzzis, kitchen, salon, multi-media cinema system and unique delicacies, thus making this luxury boat one of the best services in Dubai.

The yacht rental Dubai is designed using the best possible content and interest to details, which not only makes them powerful enough to keep severe varying climate circumstances but also make sure a relaxed trip for the travelers. Its on-board team includes an experienced skipper and well qualified employees such as steward  and other team members, they are able of looking after every particular need of yours.

The Yacht Rental In Dubai offer the services like any of the 5 star hotel in the city. Our culinary experts pleasure all our travelers with a remarkable delicacy, while our rooms come with everything from relaxed mattresses, washrooms, air conditioner, TV, DVD, audio program and more to make your trip relaxed. We also offer double rooms VIP 3 huge patios, lounges, cusine area, outside cusine, bar, outside Hot tub, program lighting, swimming systems and fishing equipment for those of you who like to go fishing in addition to experiencing the touring of around relaxing opinions.

The rent a yacht in Dubai makes unique visits to suit your requirements. From a simple trip and cruise of the amazing shoreline of Dubai to experiencing wedding anniversaries, birthday parties or corporate functions in style on panel one of our fantastic style.


You will be provided a suitable service on the  deck which range from our fishing and visiting the sea. The rent a yacht in Dubai is a five star facility made up of cafes and dining places, where you can relax and relish the magnificent opinions whilst experiencing drinks before setting off on your experience on panel one of our completely crewed, completely focused (or as required) veins.

Hospitality is the key to guaranteeing you have a good time period that you will treasure and talk about for years ahead. We gain the strength of confidence from our superior quality of services.

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Keep exploring!

The vivid town like heaven in the world -Dubai a town of achieving goals and fulfillment of desires. The huge and popular framework has customized the map of Dubai these days. Its eye-catching natural as well as  man-made architecture are the sources of attraction for the visitors. Dubai is considered as one of the most popular areas around the globe with regards to the environment, and for most of the people its environment is a source of fascination. Its wealthy purchasing shopping malls will provide any product of your need with first-class quality. Beside this Dubai is also known for the amazing fascination due to the wide range of entertainments and fun drop actions. Dubai is the characteristics endowed the town as it has the beach place. Dubai is the best visitor place.


The best aspect you can do on holidays is that to take the fulfillment of Yacht Rental In Dubai. Any person can drop crazily in love with this amazing town after taking fun from the high-class assistance of yacht rental Dubai.By  yacht rental Dubai, you can find the different location of Dubai. It is an amazing time when there is aqua blue natural water below you with clear bright sky above you and a perfect mixture of stunning beauty and popular framework around you. You will experience like heaven on the globe. Here you can find out yacht rental Dubai  in conformity to your cost wide range and you can also change the assistance according to your cost wide range. The Luxury yacht rental Dubai is so relaxed that you will experience like as if you are in your home. It would be an amazing experience with fashionable and magnificent with the help of this solution.

With Yacht Rental Dubai you can make your holiday full of pleasures and we hope you will not find anything to be left or incomplete because everything is planned and organized. Many game actions are conducted here like powerful sea game sport fishing. After having experience from the enjoyment and destinations of Dubai it is definitely sure that you will affected to come back to this highly effective town every year. Dubai is the town to learn and find out. Through rent a yacht in Dubai you can have the most memorable amazing experience.


With a large saloon, dining-room, kitchen, entry area and sufficient space for entertainment and relaxation. Huge and excellent internal features and components, along with a completely integrated central audio system, a fly-bridge with wide, cushioned sofa seated and a sun bed on the forward terrace you will completely appreciate every time of your trip, while fresh juices and wines are presented to you during your stay on the deck.

Superb delightful food will be given that not only meet your craving for food needs but also fulfill your inner that it is not a waste of money at all. Your protection has the highest significance to the team of rent a yacht in Dubai so believe in that you have the safely and securely trip forward.

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Timeless beauty better than words!

Arab land  is known globally as the most oil generating areas, but actually the Arabic area is much more than just an oil generating. The middle east is emerging on the globe very quickly as biggest recreational spot. Particularly when we discuss the UAE and get even more particular to Dubai, we understand that it is one of the most wonderful areas of the globe and you can find the most desirable things here. Moreover, Dubai harbor is the perfect example of the development amazing things. Dubai growth keeps going on throughout the year which means that there is lots of appeal in development work.


Desert Safari Dubai is strongly suggested trips who visit Dubai. It can be experienced by people of all age categories. The trip starts with choosing up the sightseer from their resort and going towards the desert, which is a brief drive away from the place.  The car would then head towards the sand hills for a fun loaded whirlwind drive of 45 minutes which is sure to get your excitement great. Following this is a brief stop on a high dune for you to perspective the very wonderful sundown of the Dubai desert and catch these top quality pictures onto the photographic camera to get amused from them at home with friends and family.


You are escorted to the Dubai desert safari camping area to rest and relish the actions prearranged for you. The camping has been developed in a Bedouin style to give you a glance of the purely Arabic culture and custom. You are accepted at the camping with kahwa (Arabic coffee) and clean dates; which is an Arabic custom of pleasant visitors.

Camel driving, quad bike driving, henna artwork, Sheesha cigarette smoking are a few of the actions which you can appreciate at the Desert Safari Dubai camping or you can simply sit returning, rest and relish the endless perspective in front of you with a hot or cold consume of your choice. The trip contains veg and non-veg supper food and BBQ along with endless drinking water, carbonated beverages, tea and java. Along with your supper, you can appreciate a breathtaking tummy dancing and a very vibrant and gleaming tanoura dancing conducted by professional performers. You can absolutely be a part of the performers if you wish to!

After this interesting and awesome day you are securely decreased returning to your resort by the car owner. For those with a higher awesome soul or for those who wish to have a nearer encounter with characteristics desert safari Dubai with an instantaneously remain is suggested. This contains remaining at the camping for the rest of the night for which all required equipment is also offered. You can sleep under the clear sky of Dubai and awaken to an awe-inspiring sun rising and the fragrance of clean prepared morning meal.


Make sure to choose a reliable identified travel agency and good food caterer to avoid any problems during your trip and so that you can sit returning and rest you remain in the desert. Also, create sure to book in advance to get the suitable date of your trip.


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Dubai: Keep Exploring!


Dubai is not only renown due to its famous architectural buildings and shopping malls but also due to its wonderful and surprising wastelands as well as vast deep oceans containing a lot of marine creatures and natural resources in it.  Water gives peace and calm to the unrest souls and it is the basic reason that when human beings get fed up from the hectic city life they move towards the oceans and seas to explore something unique and different. In the process of discovering they found several means of entertainment and enjoy for themselves.

Being the part of this exploration our Yacht Charter Dubai brings together a powerful high-performance fantastic shell with magnificent indoor and outdoor accessories. This is available for high-class journey to the Mediterranean sea upon your request. The professional team will be ready to welcome you and satisfy you with its high quality services. There are huge sun beds on the front outdoor patio and higher fly bridge which also provides a dining-room, wet bar and barbeque grill lunch or dinner.  The spacious and tented outdoor patio provides in the open air cushion for visitors, while the crew allows quick having access to the water and water-sports devices.

The yacht charter in Dubai has  dressing-room / wardrobe, a Double-bed VIP  restroom  and a twin-bed visitor Cottage.  There is air-conditioning throughout the boat.


Our other similar service of high-class boat Yacht Rental Dubai  gives you an unmatched probability to enjoy awesome landscapes, top service, and unrivaled independence to discover unique coastlines and slots, all in a unique style, relaxation. When thinking of the UAE, you will find our unlimited services all around you. We and the UAE have much more to offer. The stunning sea, awesome sea life and a flourishing town which provides everything and a little more. With a pleasant environment with hot air and sunshine. Dubai is progressively saying it as an extravagance yacht charter and business location as well as a social center in the area. Its outlying islands make it a well-known boating location.

Yacht rental in Dubai is a magnificent and a contemporary kind of boat that creates your trip enjoyable and wonderful. The relaxed bedrooms, different type of food , a variety of beverages, music such as both European and Persia, home entertainment system keeps you engaged all enough some time to  whenever  you wish to spend your vacation or formal getaway on sailing with us. Those who like fishing, sailing and swimming must acquire this opportunity during their visit to Dubai. It is an efficient and a sea deserving vessel that creates a pleasant trip for you. On the outdoor patio there is a place to take a sun shower under the wide bright sky and enjoy the clean air. The clean flowery air keeps you engaged  throughout the trip.


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Everything you Desire!

Travel and leisure in Dubai is an integral aspect of the economic sustainability of Dubai.  Its huge shopping malls are the source of attraction for visitors. Dubai has been known as the “shopping investment of the Center Eastern, which is one of the significant aspects of improving Dubai tourism. The town attracts a huge variety of purchasing visitors within the area and from as far as European countries. Dubai is known for its souk regions. Dubai is unique from other states of the UAE as its  earnings from oil and organic gas 6% of its gross domestic product. Most of the emirate’s earnings are from the Jebel Ali Free Area (JAFZ).


If you are thinking abImageout the tourism in Dubai than there would be no doubt to think about the Yacht Charter Dubai. It provides you the comprehensive ideas of journey on the floating water of  Dubai. Our expert understanding allows us to take care of the particular needs of your personal celebration. Whether you are looking for a soothing journey or thrilling action at sea. Here you can get the most excellent yacht rental Dubai. We are really excellent in our performance and offer the best to our customers. Our solutions are really at the top stage in Dubai.

 The Yacht Rental Dubai is prepared with newest services and its innovative design and structure makes it unique. Decorations are made by French designer keeping our clients in mind. The salon, lower helm position and a completely prepared with microwave range, refrigerator smartly combined into the same relaxed area making a fantastic enjoyment room with all round opinions to enjoy. This modern high-class boat has a fashionable and relaxed living room. Huge, air conditioned, magnificently equipped and completely prepared for our esteemed clients.


A magnificently boat  has a bar area, sun bed mattress and a hot tub, while on the lower outdoor patio there is a large home perfect meal or supper under the celebrities. Its open and wide patio provides the best place to arrange different events like marriage ceremonies, birthday parties, business gatherings.

Feel and experience the luxury boat with your mates along with the superior journey of Dubai ocean which you find the best place to get fresh and relax. The waves of the water keep moving you by putting back tall building and beautiful landscapes while the marine creatures welcome you on the journey of this wonderland.  

Did you dream of making your unique day like this? The Dubai sea experience will create that day a storage of a lifetime. Based on your recommended schedule we can provide you the Yacht rental Dubai as per your requirement everything that you could possibly want or need. Enjoy an unforgettable high-class supper vacation to enjoy a birthday, wedding, or function. A supper vacation on board with yacht rental in Dubai is perfect for company revenue events, customer admiration events, prize banquets, birthday events, retirements and of course the most loving of marriages.

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